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Active Together (LRS) Welcomes Laura Till as a Let's Get Moving Champion!

November 8, 2022.

Laura wants to promote positivity through sport!


Throughout Laura's childhood, she experienced poor mental health, she was a very determined individual and always had her goals and dreams running through her mind but found it hard to move away from negativity.

In October 2019, Laura was involved in a horrific car accident where a lorry hit her on the motorway. Laura said,

"It demonstrated that life is too short to be negative and not to take anything for granted",

Now Laura strives to show the community the positivity and opportunities that life can offer. Following the accident, she changed her mindset and became focused on happiness and achieving her goals and dreams. In 2021, after preparation and planning, Laura decided to take the leap and set up her own company, AMBITION.

AMBITION stands for Achieving More By Identifying Talent In Ourselves Now and is an ISO 9001/2015 registered company that specialises in but is not limited to working with children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs. AMBITION now attend schools and alternative provisions, and work with families to deliver sports coaching and academic support services.

Laura has seen the positive impact that her company has had on the children and young people that she and her team have worked with since August 2021 and finds it incredible to look at AMBITION's progress so far. With children arriving at holiday clubs on the first day, barely saying a word, to leaving on day 5 with multiple new friendships and the want to return! With another child having not left their house in months, to coming out to engage with staff in their sessions.

"It is just an amazing feeling, it's the best job in the world". - Laura Till.

Moving through her career as a Director so far, Laura has now become a 'Let's Get Moving Champion' for Leicestershire and Rutland. Active Together announced Laura as a champion on October 19, 2022 and remains in contact with their team. She is proud of the achievement and hopes that she can continue to make a difference to peoples lives. Laura has really enjoyed the process of becoming a champion and her advice to others is,

"to find something that you really enjoy and mainly, never give up".

Laura is set on helping others to feel good and achieve their own goals and dreams and her passion surrounding her role is inspiring.

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